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  • SRv2-O1-09-IconBody-02 The version of StockRush 2.0 you currently have gives you access to 5 million stock media files, and when you upgrade to Deluxe, your access DOUBLES to over 10 millions stock media files
  • SRv2-O1-09-IconBody-02 These additional stock media files are top-quality and your new clients are going to love having access to more stock media across multiple niches
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Unlimited Download On All Stock Media

  • SRv2-O1-09-IconBody-02 1-click download included
  • SRv2-O1-09-IconBody-02 They can download stock media to any device
  • SRv2-O1-09-IconBody-02 This makes it easier for your users to edit media files and use them for their projects

Built-In High Performance Editor

  • SRv2-O1-09-IconBody-02 We’ve included a powerful editor right inside the StockRush 2.0 app so that users can easily edit any stock media file
  • SRv2-O1-09-IconBody-02 No technical skills or experience are required to use this editor, so your buyers will love this
  • SRv2-O1-09-IconBody-02 This upgrade adds massive value to the package for your users so you can make more sales and ultimately put more money in your pocket

Lead Generating Opt-in Overlay System

  • SRv2-O1-09-IconBody-02 Users can add an opt-in overlay to any embedded media using the built-in Lead generation tool
  • SRv2-O1-09-IconBody-02 There are no technical skills or coding required
  • SRv2-O1-09-IconBody-02 With this upgraded feature, your buyers can generate hot leads FAST with just a few mouse clicks which adds even more value to what you’re offering

Facebook Pixel Support

  • SRv2-O1-09-IconBody-02 Users can add their Facebook pixel to any stock media file with the click of the mouse
  • SRv2-O1-09-IconBody-02 This allows your buyers to create Facebook custom audiences for all of their projects
  • SRv2-O1-09-IconBody-02 This feature is a huge selling point because it will lower ad spend for your buyers and help them boost profits on their campaigns that use stock media

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